Mission Statement

The Victorian Paediatric Rehabilitation Service (VPRS) specifically caters for children and adolescents who, as a result of injury, medical/surgical intervention, or functional impairment, will benefit from a program of developmentally appropriate, time-limited, goal-focused interdisciplinary rehabilitation.The VPRS focus’ on the provision of specialist rehabilitation services for children and adolescents, from high complexity clients through to moderately complex clients. Lower complexity clients may or may not require specialist VPRS intervention. Through a regional coordination approach, the VPRS will help coordinate the care experience across service system boundaries for children who require specialist rehabilitation. Through secondary consultation, shared care, education and mentoring, the VPRS will also provide access to specialist paediatric rehabilitation expertise for other service providers.

The VPRS will be integrated with, and build upon, existing rehabilitation and paediatric service platforms. As a child’s rehabilitation needs become more intensive and complex, more services will share the partnership of providing their care.





To produce excellence in clinical care, research and education in paediatric rehabilitation.


  • To provide a comprehensive and interdisciplinary rehabilitation program in the context of the child’s/ young person’s developmental needs
  • To work in partnership with families and communities to produce the best possible outcome for each child
  • To work in partnership with schools to maximise educational opportunities for each child
  • To contribute to the expertise of community service providers in paediatric rehabilitation through education, training and support
  • To develop and support a culture of professional excellence within the rehabilitation team through participation in continuing education, mentoring and ongoing evaluation of service provision
  • To strengthen the evidence basis for paediatric rehabilitation through an active research program
  • To ensure quality and safety of services through a process of ongoing evaluation


  • We respect the unique needs of each child, their family and community
  • We value the family as members of the rehabilitation team for their child
  • We value the contribution of others to the delivery of rehabilitation care
  • We will act at all times with integrity and demonstrate professionalism

Model of Care

VPRS_Model of care